Brine Shrimp Flakes

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Our History
Binzhou City Shengying Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd has focused on top quality artemia cysts products for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation in 2001, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the producing artemia cysts in China.
Among these 30 years, the output of artemia cysts in our company has increased from 100ton to 500ton, and except artemia cysts, our company also produce shrimp flakes, decapsulated artemia cysts and brine shrimps.
Our Factory
Binzhou City Shengying Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd is situated in the coast of Binzhou city, of which fixed asserts is 50 million RMB and floor space is 100 acre-feet, owning refrigeration houses with over 1000 ton storage. It has abundant artemia cysts resources, and combines aquaculture, processing and marketing together of artemia cysts.
Our company’s total investment is 70 million RMB, and covers an area of 30 mu
(1 mu=666.666 ㎡).
Our company insists the management strategy of valuing science, keeping promise and innovating brand, strives to exploit raw materials market, broadens sales channels and researches and develops the processing technologies, in order to promote more economic benefit and social benefit.

Our Product
artemia cysts , decapsulated artemia cysts , brine shrimps, shrimp flakes
Product Application
The larva of the artemia cyst is nutrition with high protein,so the artemia cyst is a fantastic biological fodder of fishes, shrimps and crabs.
Our Certificate
Our company has already obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000 quality management system certification and CE certification.

Production Equipment
Hardware facilities of our company are full -equipped, including 8 soaking pools, 2 centrifugal machine, 6 drying bakers, 1 heating boiler, 2 suction screening systems, 1 forklift (3.5 ton), and 3 refrigeration houses (700㎡, 3000 m³ in total) which are highly automatic.
Production Market
Our company has almost 30-year-old experience of dealing with artemia cysts, gathering many technical and business professional persons( 20 in total up to now), so it takes the leading position in processing technology, and is dominant in the products’ sale. The products have been exported to a number of countries and regions in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, which are very popular to the vast number of customers.
Our Service
For service in advance, we will provide samples for customers if they have not trusted in our products. During the period of sale, we can communicate with each other in case of any accidents. For after-sale service, if unluckily, there is something wrong and the fault is ours, we will try our best to solve the problems and make up your loss. Besides, we can package the products followed by your requirement. Brine Shrimp Flakes


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